Rethinking Wholesale Discovery: Introducing +Co

Jul 1—Today we’re thrilled to announce the beta launch of +Co (pronounced and-co), a project that has consumed us for the last twelve months, but really, began to take shape a good few years back. Today Editor in Chief Ceci Joannou talks us through what led her to build +Co and describes our next steps for Brand + Commercial. Read More ▶

Backstage Access: Decoded Fashion London Summit

May 28—Fashion and technology are bound to continue to entwine in interesting and innovative ways. Still, with so much excitement around this space, it’s critical that the industry focus its gaze on purpose-driven innovation. To this end, Decoded Fashion’s second London summit didn’t disappoint, and neither did the… Read More ▶

Cultural Sensitivity for a Competitive Edge

May 20—Conducting business in foreign markets is at best simply complex and at worst a downright nightmare. Entering new markets takes knowledge, planning and fortitude, but succeeding requires a level of consciousness and sensitivity often absent in domestic dealings. Tony Keen offers a case study that describes the ways… Read More ▶

Wearable Tech and the Function over Fashion Problem

May 7—Despite the introduction of a variety of different products into the burgeoning wearable tech market, not one has inspired the depth of emotion (both good and bad) of the Google Glass. Lucie Muir examines challenges facing the evolving wearables industry in the context of developments in the smart glass category. Read More ▶

Talking Eyewear with Dionisis Kapsaskis of DK Frames

May 6—When it comes to future of eyewear, who best to speak to than an industry insider who is in contact with the market on a daily basis? We continue our conversation on eyewear with Dionisis Kapsaskis, founder of Greek eyewear agency DK Frames, who represent a growing number of innovative, niche eyewear brands. By Ceci… Read More ▶

In Conversation with Alex Semenzato of Cortexica

May 1—Today content, commerce and community are increasingly entwined. Smart retailers know that in order to convert, they must capture the consumer via engaging content and seamlessly connect content with their inventory. Christoph Burgdorfer sits down with Alex Semenzato of Cortexica, the developer of the image recognition… Read More ▶

The Legal Workshop: 10 Tips to Protect your Brand

Apr 28—As a designer or brand owner, your livelihood is your creativity - namely your designs, your products and your brand - and the protection of these is central to the value and success of your business. Whether at the business plan stage, looking for investors, manufacturers or stockists or considering selling your business,… Read More ▶