Rethinking Luxury’s Democratic Dilemma

Dec 9—There is no denying that the concept of luxury is being turned on its head. While some have welcomed luxury’s newfangled democratic borders, there are those who question whether the industry has compromised more than it bargained for - dubbing it democratic luxury a disease. Melissa Wusaty offers an alternative perspective. Read More ▶

Black Friday Debrief: The Discounting Problem

Nov 18—Now that the dust has settled on Black Friday (weekend) and Cyber Monday and lots of numbers are flying around about performance - many of which are somewhat conflicting - we thought it important to throw in our two cents. Our concerns about the implications of the Black Friday shopping culture lie far beyond the boundaries… Read More ▶

RFID 101: Building the Store of the Future

Oct 13—Last September when Burberry opened the doors to its newly renovated global flagship on Regent Street in London, the press fell all over itself to cover the myriad ways in which the 150 year old fashion house had created an entirely new customer experience. True. The tech necessary to support the experience, though… Read More ▶

Sustainability and the Future of Luxury, Part II

Oct 9—Every fashion brand considers colour and cut, and occasionally more established brands might go so far as to consider the origin or the yarn. However, there are very few (read: almost none) that consider the entire supply chain as a whole. This lack of visibility may not be based on a lack of desire, but rather reflects… Read More ▶

Sustainability and the Future of Luxury, Part I

Oct 7—Fashion brands need to understand that sustainability is the clear trajectory of all consumer goods. Those late to adopt sustainable practices will lose value in the eyes of consumers. Indeed, only by adopting new methods of decision-making will the industry be able to regain ownership of a true luxury positioning,… Read More ▶

On Wearables, Purpose and the Issue of Wearability

Sep 30—There has been no shortage of discussion around wearables and their relative fashion content, or lack thereof. Rachel Ginsberg shares her discontent by examining the relationship between wearable tech and its wearability. Must it be worn to function, or is wearability simply an added bonus? She suggests that the real… Read More ▶