Sustainability and the Future of Luxury, Part II

Oct 9—Every fashion brand considers colour and cut, and occasionally more established brands might go so far as to consider the origin or the yarn. However, there are very few (read: almost none) that consider the entire supply chain as a whole. This lack of visibility may not be based on a lack of desire, but rather reflects… Read More ▶

On Wearables, Purpose and the Issue of Wearability

Sep 30—There has been no shortage of discussion around wearables and their relative fashion content, or lack thereof. Rachel Ginsberg shares her discontent by examining the relationship between wearable tech and its wearability. Must it be worn to function, or is wearability simply an added bonus? She suggests that the real… Read More ▶

5 Tips for Emerging Fashion Designers

Aug 26—Within the scope of his work supporting emerging fashion designers, NYC-based industry advisor Seth Friedermann's first goal is to ensure each business has a strong commercial foundation. Here, Seth shares five tips for commercial success that he addresses with each and every client. Read More ▶

Rethinking Wholesale Discovery: Introducing +Co

Jul 1—Today we’re thrilled to announce the beta launch of +Co (pronounced and-co), a project that has consumed us for the last twelve months, but really, began to take shape a good few years back. Today Editor in Chief Ceci Joannou talks us through what led her to build +Co and describes our next steps for Brand + Commercial. Read More ▶

Backstage Access: Decoded Fashion London Summit

May 28—Fashion and technology are bound to continue to entwine in interesting and innovative ways. Still, with so much excitement around this space, it’s critical that the industry focus its gaze on purpose-driven innovation. To this end, Decoded Fashion’s second London summit didn’t disappoint, and neither did the… Read More ▶

Cultural Sensitivity for a Competitive Edge

May 20—Conducting business in foreign markets is at best simply complex and at worst a downright nightmare. Entering new markets takes knowledge, planning and fortitude, but succeeding requires a level of consciousness and sensitivity often absent in domestic dealings. Tony Keen offers a case study that describes the ways… Read More ▶

Wearable Tech and the Function over Fashion Problem

May 7—Despite the introduction of a variety of different products into the burgeoning wearable tech market, not one has inspired the depth of emotion (both good and bad) of the Google Glass. Lucie Muir examines challenges facing the evolving wearables industry in the context of developments in the smart glass category. Read More ▶