Aligning Payment Terms with Strategic Intent

Mar 18—Nothing is more fundamental to the financial health of a fashion brand than the payment terms it will negotiate, both with its manufacturers and with retailers. Correctly negotiating trade credit can make the difference in achieving positive -- or at least stable -- cash flows and therefore ensuring that the underlying… Read More ▶

In Conversation with Paul Price of Creative Realities

Mar 13—As we've covered extensively across these pages, in-store retail technology is emerging rapidly. In our aim to continue exploring this topic as it evolves, we believe it's crucial to speak to the organizations leading the curve on developing tech driven experiences in fashion and retail. We sit down with Paul Price,… Read More ▶

A Blueprint for Success: Creating a Profitable Label

Mar 11—The dream of many young designers is to launch their own fashion brand. They have plenty of great ideas coupled with genuine talent and creative ability and yet many fail because they lack commercial experience and business judgement. But what is the best formula for developing and sustaining a successful, profitable… Read More ▶

Networked Media and Consumer Behaviour

Mar 6—Today, as consumers we are truly spoilt for choice; yet, paradoxically all this choice can be quite overwheming, and it's not unusual for it to manifest itself in frustration at the end of a hard days' shopping, at not really finding anything suitable or satisfying our needs. Luckily, this age of oversupply comes at… Read More ▶

In-Store Mobile: An Opportunity for Retailers

Mar 3—Despite over 15 years of ecommerce, most fashion retailers still manage online and offline retail as separate departments, but that’s not good enough any more. With the rise of the tech-savvy customer, retailers need to link up these two parts of their business. So, what are the ways in which mobile can provide an… Read More ▶

In Conversation with Tony King and Basil Farano of Iras

Jan 30—Technology, fashion and traditional retail have been notably uncomfortable bedfellows for some time, but, thankfully the tide is finally starting to turn. Though we wouldn’t call it a sea change just yet, more and more technology companies are building solutions to the kinds of business problems that retailers and… Read More ▶

Retail Evolution: Building a Tech Enabled Environment

Jan 28—The conventional wisdom is that fashion companies and retailers haven’t yet nearly taken advantage of the technology available to them – aside from the now ubiquitous e-commerce. American department stores, some of the worst offenders, have largely been characterized as dinosaurs on a death march toward irrelevance… Read More ▶